Nocif ( harmful ) - 2004

Compagnie "Espèces de..."

Direction / Writing : Gaëtan D'Agostino

Assistant : Sara Puma

Actresses : Julie Antoine - Angélique Chartry - Béatrice Cué Alvarez
Jokers : Marine Marini - Martine Léonet
Scenography : Eric Delayen

Gloria, Manu and Fred are young women from the neighourhood. Going from unemployment to part time jobs, their desillusion is growing.
Boredom, gossip, verbal and physical violence belong to their daily life.
By maintaining fear and violence in the streets, these lost girls are clinging to somekind of power.
With the foreigner's arrival, they finally find what they are looking for: someone to blame for the bitterness surrounding their lives.
Racism will take place, in words as well as in acts

All pictures : ©Eric Delayen - 2004